Happy life begins with mental health

The main reason why many Chinese do not seek psychological counselling is the lack of understanding of this aspect or their shame regarding their own psychological barriers.


Long-term psychological distress can easily effect daily life functions, interpersonal relationships and multiple physical health problems.


Timely seeking of mental health services can alleviate or even eliminate the negative effects and unnecessary pain. 


When should I seek professional treatment?

Most encounters in life will cause mood swings but not necessarily mental illnesses. When we continue to feel sadness and anxiety, or greatly affect our lives, this is an emotional mental disorder, we must first seek help from professionals. A mental illness or a physical illness is a malfunction of the human machine. The machine should be regularly maintained so that no major accidents occur. Psychology is also a glimpse. It is necessary to carry out active health care before it may be ill.

How can a clinical psychiatrist help me feel better?


Psychotherapy is a treatment based on psychological theory.


Clinical psychologists have the expertise to understand factors such as family history, biology, culture, personal and life history that interact with psychological problems. The goal of treatment involves helping the client change his or her views on things.


Feelings and emotional reactions, improving individual adaptability and eliminating psychological distress and gradually helping patients change their thoughts and emotions is the outcome of clinical psychology.

Claire holds a master's degree in clinical psychology from Australia and is a registered psychologist at the Australian Psychological Association.


As a clinical psychologist, she received six years of university-related systematic knowledge and two years of internship, and received highly specialised training in understanding human development, personality and mental health issues.


Claire has a professional internship at the Department of Oncology, Mater Hospital, Government Hospital, and Pediatrics at Nambour Hospital. After graduating, she provided clinical psychology services in private clinics. She has extensive experience in treatment, is good at treating daily psychological distress and complex mental illnesses, and can also write assessment reports on work injury, trauma and immigration treatment progress for clients.


Claire has a bilingual and bicultural background, growing up in China and Hong Kong. She has lived in Australia for 30 years. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. As an Australian Chinese, she has experienced the hardships and complexity of immigrants and understands the lives of individuals and families in Australia and is familiar with all kinds of difficulties encountered. Over the years, Claire has provided psychological counselling to overseas Chinese to solve marital problems/family treatments and psychological development and emotional behaviors of adolescents.


Claire Pang (Clinical Psychologist) 

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