Fees for psychological services 心理服务费用

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  • 每次諮詢为50分种费用是$220 。持有家庭医生提供”精神健康照护计划“ Mental Health Care Plan), 憑收據 Medicare 会退同 $124.5。

  • 海外学生持有健康保险能得到归还澳元$125-$140。

  • 持有私人健康保險(Private Health Insurance)者, 請洽詢您的私人健康保險公司以確定您是否可以全額或部分報銷您的心理諮詢費用。

Cost to see a Chinese Psychologist Brisbane


The fee for each consultation is 50 minutes and is $220.


A family doctor provides a Mental Health Care Plan, and Medicare will refund $124.50


Overseas students holding health insurance can be returned to the Australian dollar $125-$140.


If you have Private Health Insurance, please consult your private health insurance company to determine if you can reimburse your counselling fees in full or in part.

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